The Cat that got the Cream

When a major coffee supplier acquired a competitor we helped them make the perfect brew

The Cat that got the Cream


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Having carefully planned the purchase of a competitor business, our client still faced the task of integrating two businesses with different supply chains, pay structures, warehousing and auditing / accounting procedures. These challenges, when placed alongside the ethical values of a client determined to provide the same quality of service, whilst maintaining good team relations, in a business that had effectively doubled in size over night could have sent some software companies heading for the door - but not brave blutech team!

We set about idnetifying key personnel and interviewed them at length to get a true feel for kinks that needed ironing out and areas of possible conflict or duplication. We looked at the whole supply chain, sales, warehousing, distribution and customer care before mapping out a plan that would allow the businesses to quickly integrate with agile IT procedures designed to promote team work, drive sales and provide intelligent reporting.

By providing intuitive cloud software solutions we dramatically cut down on the time required for training, giving virtually any member of the team access to relevant and comprehensible data.