Data as a Service Helps Insurer

With high value promotions underway, our client had the niggling feeling they weren't making the most of feedback.

Data as a Service Helps Insurer


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It can be easy to misread data, to make assumptions and disregard what appears to be trivial information. But what's worse, is the feeling that you're not quite leveraging gathered data to learn from mistakes or seize upon inititatives.

We produced coherent and agile solutions that meaured, assessed and made sense of the way potential customers interacted with various promotions run by a national insurer. We provided the data services to give accurate and up to the minute information to key decision makers.

Not only did our Data as a Service inititatives allow for the disemination of vital infomration, it changed the very fabric of the way the company approached potential customers, achieving conversion figures they'd never dreamed possible.